Arenas | Massages

Body Polish Treatment

45 mins $50 usd

Like a facial for the body, we will use honey exfoliant to remove lifeless skin cells, followed by silk therapy oils that will relax and soothe the skin.

Therapeutic Foot Massage

30 mins $40 usd

This massage relieves stress and tension from the calves and feet, concentrating on pressure points that correlate directly to various parts of the body.

Hot Stone Massage

80 mins $115 usd

Using stones known for their heat retaining abilities, our skilled therapist will manipulate muscle tissue, easing strain and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

50 mins $80 usd

Bearing stress and tension in our muscles takes a toll on our bodies and minds. This massage is designed to target specific areas deep within the muscle tissues. It also assists in the removal of lactic acids from our bodies allowing our systems to work more efficiently.

Sports Massage Therapy

50 mins $80 usd

Designed for people who strive to overachieve when performing physical activity. It is a muscle massage that will boost recovery as well as increase flexibility.

Relaxing Massage

50 mins $70 usd

The objective of this technique is to improve circulation and promote relaxation.